Meet our PTA:

We have a great bunch of parents on the PTA, and we always need more! Many hands make light work – and more fun along the way!

You can also contact any of the following if you see them around school – they're always happy to talk!

Come along!

If you're interested in joining us, contact the PTA, or simply come along to the next PTA meeting – which is usually the first Monday evening of each month at 7.30pm in the staff room. Check the PTA noticeboard next to the office to confirm the time:

Kath Sanderson

Kath is our 2016 PTA Chair. She has Leo in Year 5 and Eva in Year 2.
Contact Kath on 021 222 6803 or at

Rachel Ballentyne

Rachel is our PTA Communications person.
Contact Rachel on 021 161 8994 or at

Roz Christensen

Roz is our Vice Chair. Roz has Fin in Year 4, Archie in Y2 and Billy in Y0.
Contact Roz on

Catherine Booth

Catherine is our PTA Treasurer. She has Casey in Year 4.
Contact Catherine at

Kate Jones

Kate is the PTA Secretary. She has Pippa in Year 6 and Cassidy in Year 4.
Contact Kate on