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Green Screen Video

Students explore ways in which to incorporate green screen techniques into their creative video making. Enhancing their creative ventures into acting, dance and film making.

It is used as part of the Weekly Kids News Videos for assemblies.

Students create websites as a way of presenting and sharing their work.

Coding and Robots

In 2018 Digital Technology became part of the New Zealand Curriculum for Schools.  Students will be required to be able to create code for games and robots as part of their achievement objectives. 

We are already learning to code robots to navigate mazes, follow lines and use sensors to avoid obstacles.

Video Fun

Students create  videos from Movie trailers to "TRICK SHOTS" to creative ways of showcasing the school.

Audio Recording

We have the tools available to do multi track recording.  Students can professionally create recordings of songs and music, multi-tracking and applying vocal effects.


Students can create worlds and interact with others exploring their creativity.


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