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Churchill Park School currently offers BYOD for Years 5 - 8 and is an integral part of the learning that happens in the Senior and Intermediate Syndicates. It is expected that all students will have a device.

A full explanation is available on the next page as well as all relevant documentation required for bringing a device to school.

We also have devices at school to provide equity, especially in case of loss or damage to students BYOD.


The use of digital technologies is integrated judiciously into all areas of learning at Churchill Park School. This is as a part of an innovative learning environment.

An innovative environment supports strengths-based teaching and learning. It offers students and teachers flexibility, agency, ubiquity, and connectedness.

Walking School Bus

  • Buses run in the morning only, as many of the children have afternoon activities.
  • Walking School Buses operate every school day.
  • We have two adults rostered each day to ensure a parent-child ratio of 1:8.
  • As most school activities survive on parental participation, parents do one day a week.

Full details of Routes and Contacts below


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