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We are now in Alert Level 2.5 


Our gorgeous New Entrant children are seamlessly transitioned from their pre-schools, due to our close connections with our feeder pre-schools through our Associate Principal, Anne-Maree Beveridge.

Currently, our year two classes have an average of 23 students, and our year one classes have approximately 18 students in each. We usually start up two New Entrant classes throughout the year. 

Our junior team of eight teachers, led by team leader Mrs Susan Turnbull, enjoy welcoming the new parents to our school at the start of the year with an informal evening picnic. At the end of the year we farewell our 'graduating' year twos in our much loved Picnic Under the Stars.

Supporting our students, we have a Music specialist, a Smart Moves (perceptual motor programme) specialist Mrs Lydia Brown.

Our juniors are nestled in their own quieter area of the school, with a 'forest' where they can climb trees, an all-weather turf area, playground and their own field adjoining the Churchill Park and grazing cattle.

Churchill Park School juniors are well cared for during play times by intermediate councillors, who organise games and ensure they eat their lunch. Lunchtime activities can include knitting club, library and coding.

Our juniors have a buddy class each year with an older year group and our juniors form a special bond with their 'buddy' throughout the weekly activities.

Being a Green- gold Enviro school, our youngest students participate in the environmental ethos that makes Churchill Park School unique. Children are encouraged to join the Walking School Bus and they have an opportunity to be the Environmental class representative. We encourage 'naked lunches' (no wrappers) and class monitors feed food scraps to the juniors worm farm.

Each year we have a focus on Art that enhances our environment. In 2015 each child made a clay poppy to commemorate the ANZACs 100 years. In 2016 a Friendship Tree was developed and we painted sunflowers which adorn the field boundary.

Sporting events include daily swimming lessons for a fortnight, an athletics and cross-country day and specialist Smart Moves, enhancing the remainder of the Physical Education programme. Cultural events include a performance the children do especially for their Grandparents each year, school trips and watching live plays.

Our aim is for our students to be able to share with their families what they are learning, how they are going and what their next learning steps are. The children demonstrate their knowledge of this eloquently at our Open Learning Conversations, where they lead the learning discussions.

Students are encouraged to reinforce their learning using technology as a tool (when appropriate) and then be creative and innovative to enhance their new learning using digital technologies.


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