George Hulbert


My wife Liana and I have three sparkling children who really enjoy their life at Churchill Park School – Luke, Eloise and Thomas.

I enjoy the role I play as an enthusiastic participant on the Board of Trustees, asking 'how will xyz decision or policy help all students at Churchill Park School?'

As a passionate supporter of Churchill Park School, I am always keen to find ways for us all to celebrate how good it is. Equally, I am open to ideas from parents and community, so do ask if you have a question or idea that we should consider.

Roger Venn

I am lucky enough to act as Chair of the Board of Trustees. I'm also fortunate to be supported by a talented, engaged and passionate Board. As a collective we share the goal of maintaining the schools excellent standards whilst always searching for ways to improve. 

The Board and I are tasked with ensuring that appropriate governance and strategy guide the school. We welcome and encourage feedback from the school community and I would urge all parents/guardians/whanau to get involved and contribute to the continued success of the school.

Hayley and I have two children, Noah and Lola, who love walking through the gorgeous Churchill Park, past the cows and ending up at such a treasured and privileged learning environment.

Elizabeth Gunn


I have been the principal at Churchill Park School for nearly ten years. It has been an absolute privilege to be working with such a superbly learning focused, interactive and positive community. Our inclusive school philosophy, dedicated and experienced staff and hugely supportive Board of Trustees and PTA ensure all learners receive the support they need to maximise their potential.

Churchill Park School is situated in a wonderful park setting. This sets the calm and environmentally focused approach to learning which sees all our learners thrive and achieve success within our 21st century, future focused and personalised learning and teaching model at Churchill Park School.

I am married with two adult sons and one new granddaughter who is teaching me all about the continuous cycle of learning and life.

Catherine Shipton

Staff Representative

My children attended CPS and I am proud to have been a long time member of the Churchill Park School community.  My teaching role is with the Year 7 and 8 students in science and technology and I am a keen advocate for the Enviroschool principles we embed at Churchill Park School.  
I feel privileged to be part of the CPS Board in the role of Staff Representative.  CPS is part of the Glendowie Kahui Ako Community of Learners (CoL).  I am the Across School Leader (ASL) working alongside St Heliers, Glendowie Primary and Glendowie College.

Melinda Williams

My partner Greg and I have two children at Churchill Park School – Rafe and Manon – who love being part of the school’s inclusive, empowering and sustainable environment in its unique park setting. 

I’m a communications consultant, editor and author, with a special interest in sustainability and design. I hope to use my skills to support the school’s Enviroschools commitments and improve our strong channels of communication.

I’m always open to questions, feedback and ideas about how the school can further support our students, our environment and the local community, so please feel free to say hi and have a chat.

Spencer Noonan

I’ve been involved in the school since the entrance of our children Eskil(Y6) and Selma (Y4). I have coordinated  and established new routes for the walking school bus for the CPS, and more recently within the PTA being the Treasurer involved in fundraising activities and managing cash flow . 
I’m passionate about student achievement and helping children develop skills for lifelong learning, with resilience, empathy and tolerance vital, in a world where the only constant is change. I believe that a community brings up a child and we all have a role to play in our children's development within the school community and within the broader global community.

Victoria Day

My husband Adam and I have two children at CPS, Elizabeth and Joshua. They love CPS and we love the caring environment which is enabling them to grow and develop.

I am a civil engineer and project manager working on the City Rail Link project. My background is in light and heavy rail so it's exciting being involved in such a project.

I'm enjoying giving a little more to CPS and being on the Board of Trustees.

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