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BYOD at Churchill Park

The Churchill Park School Board of Trustees in consultation with the community - students, staff and parents, looked at the New Zealand Curriculum and aligned this with directions for the school. Concepts such as 'flexible learning opportunities', delivering 'rich, challenging programmes', 'collaboration' and 'engagement' are featured in the strategic plan. The use of technological tools has been designed to fit alongside the strategic plan, to enhance student learning and provide a variety of opportunities for students to experience success at all levels.

We have been working closely with Glendowie College to ensure that we provide a smooth transition from our school to theirs.

It is expected all students in years 4-8 will have a BYOD.

Overall, the international evidence suggests that learning can be enhanced by judicious use of various technologies in conjunction with pedagogical practices that engage students in problem solving and cooperative, active learning. Technology-rich learning environments can positively affect students' engagement with learning.

Example of e-learning in classrooms


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