Churchill Park School is conducting a lockdown exercise.  All updates are provided on our website.  Please do not come to the school or phone the school as you will not be attended to.  We will update this website when the exercise has been completed.  Thank you.

Churchill Park School has gone into lockdown because of ______________.  We will continue to provide updates on our website as often as possible.  Please do not come to the school or phone the school as you will not be attended to and this may cause disruption to the management of this incident and could potentially place yourselves and/or our staff and student’s safety at risk.  We will update this website when the lockdown has been completed.  Thank you. 


When our families and community are connected, our school becomes a more supportive place and better learning environment

PTA Purpose:

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) has two main goals:

  1. To raise money to improve the school grounds and facilities

  2. To build and foster community within our school.

Why do we need to raise money?

It's a good question – after all we pay donations each year (not to mention our taxes!). As a decile 10 school, we receive the minimum funding available from the government. The expectation is, that as a wealthier community, we are able to support our school to a greater extent than lower decile schools can.

So in order to maintain and improve our school beyond the basics, we need to fundraise for these ourselves.

How do we build and foster community?
Well, fundraising can be fun! Our Event Calendar for this year includes lots of fun activities for our kids as well as great nights out for adults! There are also events we hold where fundraising is not the focus – it's all about the FUN. For example, the Junior Picnic is about getting to know new families, as is the Spring Fling.

How you can help:

The PTA (the fundraising body) of Churchill Park School is only as good as the number of people who want to help - so we need you!

There are three ways you can get involved…..

Come along to a PTA meeting and just get involved! We're not (that) scary – and it's always a bit of a laugh as well. The PTA meets (usually) on the first Monday evening of each month at 7.30 pm in the staff room. Check the PTA noticeboard next to the office to confirm the time!

If you can't make these meetings but still want to join in, contact us via the Email Button above

We appreciate that not everyone has the time to join the team – however, you may be able to help from time to time on different events or projects. If this is you, please email us to let us know.

This will enable us to contact you when we've got an event we think you might be interested in.

Each class needs at least one parent who's happy to help us with ensuring all the families at school know what's going on and are joining in.


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