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Our Uniform


At Churchill Park School all students wear school uniform.  It encourages a sense of identity within the school and provides a common standard of dress on which to build positive attitudes towards neatness and cleanliness.  It also provides a measure of security by identifying non-students on the school property.  Wearing the correct uniform and taking pride in their appearance reflects positively on students and the school.

Students must wear clean, tidy and well-fitting uniforms both at school and between home and school.  It must also be worn when students represent the school – e.g. sporting events, choir performances.

School uniform is to be worn in its entirety.  Uniform items are not to be combined with mufti either in or out of school premises or during school hours.

If a student is not wearing a uniform or is wearing a non-uniform item, a note outlining a sound explanation must be brought to school and produced on request.

Other Aspects of Dress & Appearance

Must be tidy and tied back if shoulder length or longer.  Hair ribbons/ties/bands are to be only in bottle-green or navy colours
Medic-Alert bracelets, wristwatches and small, single-ear studs only
No neck chains
No facial makeup or nail polish

School Uniform Centre

169 Manukau Road


Auckland 1023


The PTA holds second-hand uniform sales at school about twice a term.  Please view the calendar in the latest newsletter to see when the next sale is.

Or, the school uniform can be purchased from The School Uniform Centre, details below.


Regulation Long-Sleeved Polar Fleece Jacket 

Regulation Soft Shell Navy Jacket

Regulation hat – 'bucket' style or cricket style – compulsory Terms 1 and 4
Socks –navy (ankle or long) or navy tights
Footwear – black flat-heeled, buckled or velcro sandals (summer)
– black flat-heeled, buckled or lace-up, closed-in shoes (winter)

Regulation Shorts
Regulation Culotte 

Regulation Skort

Regulation Fitted Shirt

Regulation Loose Fitting Shirt 

Regulation P.E. Uniform Shirt
Regulation P.E. Uniform Shorts
Trainers/sports shoes – to be worn with sports socks

Navy Skivvy or Marino
Regulation Beanie

Other aspects of dress/appearance:


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