Churchill Park School is conducting a lockdown exercise.  All updates are provided on our website.  Please do not come to the school or phone the school as you will not be attended to.  We will update this website when the exercise has been completed.  Thank you.

Churchill Park School has gone into lockdown because of ______________.  We will continue to provide updates on our website as often as possible.  Please do not come to the school or phone the school as you will not be attended to and this may cause disruption to the management of this incident and could potentially place yourselves and/or our staff and student’s safety at risk.  We will update this website when the lockdown has been completed.  Thank you. 

School Donation


Payment Options: 

Via KINDO  (Recommended)

Direct Credit to Churchill Park School a/c no. 12-3027-0387931-000


Our Board is grateful for your ongoing support of our school. Your annual donations help close the significant gap between funding from the Ministry of Education and our vision for the rich, vibrant, enjoyable and supportive primary school education experience we strive to enable for our students. Here's how your generous contributions directly impact student learning outcomes:

 ●       Lower Class Sizes, Better Learning Environments: Your donations enable us to employ additional teachers, allowing us to maintain smaller class sizes. This, in turn, ensures a more focused and personalised learning experience for each child, fostering better student/teacher ratios.

●       Enriching Programs: Your donations make it possible for us to provide specialised programmes in Music, Digital Technologies, and employ a part-time Sports Coordinator. Your contributions help to deliver specialist subjects like Technology, Science, Dance, and Languages.

●       Support for All Students: Learning Support Assistants, funded in part by your donations, benefit students who require extra support and also allow our teachers to extend and challenge others.

●       Enhanced Resources: Your donations play a pivotal role in funding field trips, educational experiences, and classroom resources. These resources enrich our curriculum, making it engaging and dynamic, which directly enhances the quality of education your child receives.

●       Investing in Our Educators: Our teachers are the backbone of our school. Your donations provide opportunities for their professional development, ensuring they can deliver the high-quality teaching and learning programs our community expects.

This year’s donation has been set at $525 per student.

Activity Fee

A compulsory annual activity fee is payable by all students at the beginning of the year or on their first day of school. This fee covers class trips, visiting speakers and performers, Life Education programme and other class activities.

The Activity Fee is a single fee of $100 (includes Mathletics for one year for Years 2-8, Reading Eggs for Year 1 and classroom STEPS programme)


A compulsory annual Technology fee is payable by all Year 7 & 8 students at the beginning of the year. This fee covers the cost of materials for their specialist technology program.
The Technology Fee is a single fee of $80. KINDO


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