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School Donation


Payment Options: 

Via KINDO  ( Recommended)

Direct Credit to Churchill Park School a/c no. 12-3027-0387931-000

EFTPOS in the School Office

It is our aim at Churchill Park School to offer a range of activities and programmes to extend and enrich students' learning beyond the basic curriculum. The provision of these extra programmes is not fully covered by the Government's funding and the school relies on the annual donation given by parents to subsidise the shortfall. Your donation helps to fund programmes such as:

·Information and Communication Technology provision and support

·Support across the school for Gifted and Talented and Special Needs students

·Music specialisation

·Sport Specialisation

·Science specialisation

The annual Donation requested per student is $480.
If paid by end of Term One, there is a $50 discount. KINDO

Activity Fee

A compulsory annual activity fee is payable by all students at the beginning of the year or on their first day of school. This fee covers class trips, visiting speakers and performers, Life Education programme and other class activities.

The Activity Fee is a single fee of $100 (includes Mathletics for one year for Years 2-8, Reading Eggs for Year 1 and classroom STEPS programme)


A compulsory annual Technology fee is payable by all Year 7 & 8 students at the beginning of the year. This fee covers the cost of materials for their specialist technology program.
The Technology Fee is a single fee of $80. KINDO


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