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Year 4 & 5 Coding

Year 4 & 5 get to do Digital Technology as part of the Waitematā Whānau Rotations on Wednesdays. They also get to do extra coding in class time. Click the Green Flags to see what happens with these examples of Year 4 & 5 Coding. Press the stop sign to stop them

Pong Game

How to play

  1. Click the green flag to start.

  2.  Drag the green line so you cannot let the ball touch the red line

  3.  When you get to 100 points you go to level 4 and when you get 200 points you go to level 3 and so on.

  4.  When you get to 500 then you win.

  5. Now you can have lots of fun 

  6.  When you want to stop press the stop button.

  7. When you want to start from 0 again, press the space key.

Have fun!!!  By Emily T


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